From the ashes of this exotic aroma emerged Champa the resented child of poetry. From the smoke of this eastern candle, billowed a performer with an obsession for self-expression and discreet word play. Observation has torn this young man’s shell, releasing himself of who he once was, which breaths life into his lyricism. Social norms quickly caught Champa’s attention as he began reflecting on such issues in order to illustrate the human condition. Some may say Champa is transcendent of himself, as he was reborn within the same body, yet any evidence of this has yet to be discovered . Impartial to such beliefs, this offspring of meditation rises like the clouds of his active ancestors. Such guiding spirits would include several underground hip hop movements that occurred in mainly the East Coast and Mid West of America during the late 90’s and early 2000’s. With this being said it is unfair to not pay tribute to genres like Motown, Jazz, Funk, and Rock n’ Roll. Champa’s presence has a distinct ability to fill a room, capturing all those who are close. Much like the talents of his predecessors, Champa continues to wield his pen and evolve his style. This lantern of stimuli abides by a standard of performance that helps listeners visualize tones and themes that are relatable in our everyday lives. It is recommended to keep Champa close because of his ability to set a certain mood and empathize. So try and keep fully stocked on Champa’s blend of music because it is made for you.